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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ruminations on a Cold March Day at Snug Harbor Cultural Center

my sad mini daffodils

 There's no cold like a drizzly March day in New York City. It seeps into the bones and lungs and lodges there. The promise of spring that 70 degree weather brought us only last Friday has been broken by sleet and freezing rain.

On my walk home from work in Staten Island yesterday, I walked through the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. There I saw a mixture of seasons, with the undeniable beauty (despite the chill) that both winter and spring bring.

Chinese Scholars Garden
winter-nude tree with forsythia behind it

pussy willow, already flowering

I always make a point to go look at the witch hazel in February, the first crazy bit of color that reminds me there WILL be flowers again. This year the blossoms were slow to appear and they have lingered.
witch hazel
The moment is fleeting. Hopefully this will be the last snow. The early spring flowers will be replaced soon by tulips, which have already made their presence known. And we'll all be sneezing from the overwhelming presence of flowering trees.

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