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Sunday, March 27, 2011

MAXIMUS/minimus, 8 Women Artists (a preview of 4 of them)

I'm so excited about our exhibit opening on Saturday April 2! I have to share a little about this dynamic group of women artists. It's a special treat to see this artwork. Most of the artists will be sharing work that is new, never before seen. This is just a teaser of examples from 4 of the artists. Tomorrow I'll share work by the other 4.

Gail Middleton

Gail Middleton will be exhibiting a photo essay
of her walks in Clove Lake Park on Staten Island.
Nature is a frequent subject for her.

Lucy Smith will also be showing work inspired by nature. 
She will exhibit paintings in several media. 
This is one of my favorites. 
It's a different take on the woods from Gail, not quite as tranquil.
Lucy Smith

Rachel Sanchez takes on a completely different subject matter. She has been working on a series of paintings called "Women Under the Influence", which depicts how the media uses women to advertise alcohol.
Here's a painting from the series.
Rachel Sanchez

The last artist whose work I want to share today is 
Judith Hugentobler. She will be showing sculpture  
made of stoneware, tile, sea glass and grout. 
Here is an example.

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