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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MAXIMUS/minimus, (4 more of the) 8 Women Artists

Today I'm sharing examples of the remaining 4 Staten Island women artists in our exhibit MAXIMUS/minimus. 

Irma Bohórquez-Geisler will be exhibiting some of her stunning large scale (maximus) landscape photographs. She works primarily in black and white and makes her own silver gelatin prints. Here is a (minimus) peak at one of her pieces.
(c) Irma Bohórquez-Geisler

Irma is also known on Staten Island for her wonderful annual community event Dia de los Muertos.  

Sheryl Humphrey will be showing her iconographic paintings which she says represent powerful forces within herself, in others, and the world around her. Her painting process is very labor intensive and we are lucky to be able to feature new work by her.                                  
(c) Sheryl Humphrey

Jenni Vitek worked in the fashion industry for many years, in illustration and clothing design. Her fine art work, unsurprisingly, also focuses on the figure and textiles. In this exhibit we will be treated to pieces by Jenni in both 2 and 3 dimensional media. Here is one example.            
(c) Jenni S. Vitek

And, then there's my work. I've been making paintings and collages on wood  and paper featuring glimpses of tango dancers for several years. Lately I have been adding found pieces of wood and making the figures more stark on the wood pieces. But the small collages I will be showing are packed with color and pattern. Here's one of the new pieces on wood. You can see some of my small collages on paper at my Etsy store
(c) 2011 Denise Mumm

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